Friday, November 13, 2009

Bacon and Beef Meatloaf

My friend Larry Hui is one of the leaders of a group of volunteers who help out at a homeless shelter in our neighborhood. I cook for the shelter and when I do, I often serve this meatloaf. It hits home with the men (and they are all men) and it’s a particular favorite of Larry’s so I am happy to share it here.

A Letter from Hong Kong from Chewing the Fat subscriber, Richard Kligler, and a recipe for Claypot Cooking without the Claypot

The Kligler Family, Marcia and Richard, Sean and Jill, are dear friends of ours who relocated to Hong Kong four years ago.  We've had a wonderful friendship over the years, much of it revolving around our mutual love of food.  The Kliglers have been our Thanksgiving companions for years. 

In fact spending the holiday together was a tradition that goes back to the days when my partner, Andrew and Marcia Clark Kligler, toiled at Abraham & Strauss in downtown Brooklyn.  Black Friday, the retailer's biggest day of the Christmas shopping season, meant no travel over the holiday.  Instead Andrew and Marcia  celebrated with a group of friends from work.  

When I joined the group 20 years ago, it was a tradition that was still going strong.  And so strong is it still, that 3 years ago, five of us actually went to Hong Kong to spend Thanksgiving with the Kliglers.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Review of Fatty Crab and a recipe for a one-dish wonder called Nasi Goreng with Shrimp

I can’t get enough of Fatty Crab  2170Broadway (76th-77th St.)212-496-2722 for reservations or, the spinoff of the original West Village restaurant (634 Hudson Street, between Horatio and Gansevoort Sts., 212 352-3592 (No reservations taken).

Now that it’s made the trek north to the Upper West Side, it’s become one of our two favorite Asian restaurants. It’s a funky place born of owner Zak Pelaccio’s love affair with Malaysian cooking following a stint cooking and eating in Kuala Lumpur.