Thursday, January 28, 2010

Costelette di Maiale al sedano Or Pork Chops Milanese with celery salt

The reason I went all Italian on you was simply that I had seen this recipe in La Cucina Italiana, one of my favorite magazines, the copy of which I had left out at the beach. It appeared nowhere on their excellent website, Thank goodness for, the Italian version of the search engine.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sesame Chicken with Orange and Soy Glaze from a magazine that’s a new favorite

        Even with the demise of "Gourmet", our mailbox isn’t exactly empty of food magazines. I still subscribe to at least 6 of them.  And since I started a course called “Food Writer’s Boot Camp”, our house is practically a library for food magazines.  Even just sticking to the English language, we’ve now been introduced to “Delicious” and “Donna Hay” (Australia),"Clean Eating" (Canada) “Cuisine” (New Zealand), “Jamaican Eats” (terrible and strangely aligned to Canada), “Food and Travel”, “Jamie” “Waitrose Food Illustrated”, “Good Food Italian” from the BBC of all places and, our favorite, “Olive”, all from the U.K. 
Not to ignore the American entries that were completely new to us, we’ve discovered "VegNews" and "Vegetarian Times" “Gastronomica”, "Food" “Tastes of Italia”, something called “Southern Lady” which featured upfront an ad for a “Faith building weekend with ‘Southern Lady’ and Christian women from across the nation”.  Well, “Chacun a son gout” as the French say.  But far and away the best discovery among the American magazines was one I’d seen but never picked up before: “Fine Cooking”.