Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turkey Meat Loaves with Red Pepper Sauce

I have very little fondness for ground turkey.  I’ll grant you it’s about as low fat as it can get, but to me it’s also low on taste and low on juice and low on my list of things I love to cook.  But an article in Food and Wine intrigued me.  It was entitled “French food that won’t make you fat”.  Now there’s something I can sink my teeth into.  And it has a very solid pedigree.  Its inventor is the chef Sandro Gamba who cooked under Joel Robichon and Alain Ducasse, was Food and Wine magazine’s Best New Chef of 2001. 

        Apparently tired of rendering French classics at Nomi, in Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel, he quit his job and began to look for a place where he could cook “cleaner” and healthier versions of his mentors’ specialties.  He landed at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, CA which welcomed his healthy approach at all five restaurants on the property.  I couldn’t actually find this dish on any of their menus but since it dates back to 2007, it may have now been replaced.  As may have Sandro, although his bio remains on the Four Seasons corporate site.