Friday, February 18, 2011

The Chef’s Diet Secret: Turkey Chili

      Quite honestly, to me ground turkey is one of life’s bigger turnoffs. In order to achieve its undoubtedly low calorie profile, every possible bit of fat has been given the heave ho leaving the cook desperate for ways to make it palatable.  Have you noticed how often Turkey Burgers are covered with cheese and all manners of ‘special sauces’ to make up for their lack of taste?  Of course, this completely defeats the purpose of eating the stuff in the first place.  But there are ways to add flavor and still keep the calorie count under control.  One of them is Turkey Chili.

Monday, February 14, 2011

April Bloomfield’s Incredible Edible Scotch Eggs

Monte's Scotch Eggs courtesy Melissa Clark's recipe
       Yes, I was at The Breslin yet again.  This time I went for dinner with friends.  Because Ms. Bloomfield has just knocked everyone’s socks off at the new John Dory Oyster Bar, on the other side of the Ace Hotel Lobby from “The Breslin”, we were able to snag a table. (Neither The Breslin 16 West 29th Street (646-214-5788) nor the John Dory 1196 Braodway (212-792-9000) take reservations.)  We did however put our names in at 6:00 and we were all assembled, (no seating until all are there), by 6:30. 

The Breslin's Scotch Eggs
The “London Calling” Martini, a house specialty, started things off for two of us. But that was just the beginning of a truly impressive meal, although god knows it’s damn the calories and the fat count, full speed ahead.   Between the lamb ribs and the garlic sausage, the lamb burger looks positively dietetic.   And I think you could almost say the same thing about the Scotch Eggs…except of course, that they were fried.  And they were just flawless.  A gorgeous almost runny yolk is encased in egg white and then completely covered with a layer of sausage that’s breaded and, yes, fried.   I got quite a kick out a recent survey on language trends that said that ‘sauteed’ has basically replaced ‘fried’ on restaurant menus, at least north of the Mason Dixon line. But let’s face it, almost everything tastes better fried.