Monday, February 20, 2012

Melissa Clark’s Chicken Dijon

Melissa Clark 

I love Melissa Clark and not only because she has the 5th most popular post on Chewing the Fat...see    She consistently creates truly accessible recipes for readers of her  New York Times weekly column “In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite”.  And I love her because she shares my passion for dark meat chicken.  She adores the thigh for its flavor but, according to this recipe, her true love is the drumstick.  She is a huge fan of how easily drumsticks brown and how juicy they are.  And she’s advocate of cooking one chicken part per dish when she can.  Chicken is notorious for cooking unevenly which explains why dried out breasts are often accompanied by undercooked thighs.  When you confine yourself to one chicken part, you largely eliminate that possibility. And if you, like me, are a Costco shopper, you’re likely buying packages of various chicken  parts including those containing 5 lovely drumsticks