Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bay Burger’s Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing, Tomatoes And Red Onion.

         I frequently take part in surveys about where I eat and what I eat and when.  It goes with the territory when you write about food. Inevitably, there’s a question about how long ago I’ve visited a fast food restaurant.  I invariably answer “Never” because I gave up fast food over ten years ago.  That’s also when we ousted as much processed food from our diet as we possibly could.  While I am still not making my own Ketchup or Mayonnaise, I’ve been very successful in keeping things fresh around here.  Then how do I explain my attachment to Bay Burger, the Sag Harbor Hamburger Emporium at 1742 Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike Sag Harbor, NY 11963 (Phone: 631.899.3915)?  In certain circles it would be classified as Fast Food faster than you can say McDonald’s.  But it isn’t. Not by a long shot.  For one thing, have you ever been to a McDonald’s that operates as a Farmer’s Market on Saturdays all winter?  Does your local McD’s have jazz nights every Thursday?  Does your fast food restaurant make its own ice cream with the fantastic tagline: “It’s from the Hamptons so you know it’s rich”?  And one summer they even made the most incredible ham sandwich. ( I do hope they bring that one back.) And how is the food there ?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gemelli with Peas, Onions and Guanciale from DiPalo’s in Little Italy


Di Palo's is irresistible if you're an Italian food lover 
         I think I am on to the marketing secret of DiPalo’s, the venerable Italian Market in New York’s rapidly vanishing Little Italy.  I’ll get to that but first a little about Little Italy.  It’s getting littler all the time, crushed on all sides.  Squished by a vibrant and growing Chinatown on its eastern and western flanks, gentrified out of existence by uber-trendy NoLita (North Of Little Italy) neighborhood, the latest census data told us what we already feared.  There is not one native, born-in-Italy Italian in the entire zip code that encompasses what’s left of New York’s Little Italy. For shame!