Thursday, June 21, 2012

Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Galette with Basil Scented Cream

         It’s full-on strawberry season on Long Island and Andrew’s taken another opportunity to wow us with this exquisite galette from Martha Stewart. The flavor and texture of this wonderfully flaky pastry covered in just-picked berries is irresistible.  But the ambrosial whipped cream topping--scented with fresh basil--elevates this dessert to perfection.  And you don’t even need a pie pan to create this free-form tart!  But before we bake, some really fascinating facts--and fiction—about strawberries.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Out of Africa: Two Marcus Samuelsson recipes: Bobotie with Mango Sambal

The Cape of Good Hope,
the very tip of Africa
         In my past life I was fortunate to travel to six continents for work.  And of all the places I’ve been, South Africa is at the top of my list for sheer physical beauty.  Being a lifelong geography fanatic, I cannot describe how exciting it was to stand at the Cape of Good Hope, the very tip of the African continent, the Atlantic on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other.  Capetown, where we were based, is a magnificent ocean front city topped off by the ever present Table Mountain. The food was not terribly memorable mostly because we were taken to restaurants that cater to European palates.  The only dish I will never forget is the national dish of South Africa, Bobotie. This wonderful aromatic mix of ground meat and tomatoes topped with a rich, creamy custard has no season.  It keeps forever in the fridge and as exotic as it sounds, you likely have every spice you need in your spice rack right now.  Add this recipe from one of the world's most fascinating cooks to your summer menu and tell everyone you're taking them to Africa for dinner.