Friday, February 7, 2014

Poached Salmon with Minted Yogurt Sauce

Cooking is often the most Zen activity of my day. Especially when I come across a recipe that is elegant in its simplicity, beautiful to look at as I am preparing it and finally, a wonderful experience when it is eaten.  This recipe, which came from Food and Wine, falls right into that category.  It’s so soothing looking that I made its cooking the main illustration above.  With its parsley and dill branches looking like reeds in a stream, it’s a treat just to look at.  But the surprise came when we tasted our first bites.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Part 2: The 12 Best Burgers in one.

         As I pointed on Monday in "The 12 Best Burgers...Part 1", New York Burgers fall into two distinct camps: The “Classic” Burgers which stick to the same pattern of beef patty, American Cheese, soft bun, ‘special sauce’, lettuce and tomato.  From there we move on to the “Gourmet” Burgers. Some of these are crafted by some of the city’s best Chefs.  April Bloomfield, Marc Murphy and Daniel Boulud are all inventors of phenomenal burgers. To this roster I had to add the newly arrived Umami Burger which hails from California, and a  salute to a burger of unknown provenance but unquestionable character: El Doble, which, in true New York fashion, is made only at lunch and only at a Basque Tapas Bar called El Quinto Pino. We’ll get there eventually, but here are the 7 burgers…plus one, that made my Best Burger list, Part 2.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The 12 Best Hamburgers in Manhattan plus one...Part One.

         I love a great burger.  Juicy, perfectly cooked medium rare prime beef oozing with flavor, layered with cheese, topped with ‘special sauce’ and sandwiched between a bun…this is when food takes me to my happy place.  I will go out of my way for a great burger, alter my route to try a new burger place and I'll spend big bucks for the perfect burger.  Apparently I am not alone.  In 2012, Americans consumed 14 billion of hamburgers and the average American consumes 100 Burgers a year.  I don’t think I come anywhere close to that.  Although I wouldn’t mind trying. Today’s list is completely subjective, based on nothing more than my own burger experience and my research is on going. These burgers may be found outside the island of Manhattan but that’s where I’ve concentrated my list since that’s where I eat the bulk of my burgers.  There’s a wide price range: 3.99 is my basement. My absolute favorite  “Classic” Burger is 4.35. In Part 2, the Gourmet Burgers, most of my picks come in around $15.00 and the list tops out with an over the top burger at $32.00, but wait till you read what’s in it before balking