Monday, March 2, 2015

Spicy Chicken with Cashews from Bee Yin Low's Rasa Malaysia

Rasa Malaysia is the website presided over by Bee Yinn Low, a highly enterprising Californian woman who has 800 Pan Asian recipes at  She is also quite the baker so you’ll also find a surprising number of recipes for all-American baked goods like Zucchini bread.  I would be thrilled to have the kind of following she does: 2,000,000 ‘fans’ on social media alone!  I love the ease of Asian stir-fries and their flavors.  I am obviously not alone, given the growing number of  Asian ingredients in my local markets.  I don’t even have to go near Chinatown to find what I need for this recipe and you should not have trouble finding what you need.  Bee Yinn Low has Americanized her recipes so that a walk down the Asian aisle almost always yields the ingredients needed to prepare one of her dishes.  Today’s recipe is a simple Chicken stir-fry that you can get on the table in under 30 minutes…actually Bee clocks it in at 20 minutes.  I’m giving extra time for chopping, mincing and dicing.