Thursday, May 7, 2015

Melissa Clark’s Mother’s recipe for Thyme-Roasted Chicken with Mustard Croutons and Melissa’s recipe for Brussels Sprouts Salad

Melissa Clark, Author of 29 Cookbooks

Mother's Day is upon us.  It's this Sunday, May 10th. It's time for good children (and their fathers) to treat Mom to a day completely devoid of cooking.  Although you can go the restaurant route and take Mom out to dinner, I can't help but think of my own Mother.  If I cooked for her at home, she would have applauded my thrift as much as any restaurant meal.  And what would I have made?  I immediately thought of this menu.  It is so simple that even most amateur of cooks can produce it easily. And it is simply delicious.  Besides, in a salute to Mother's Day, another mother came up with this recipe.  And she created it from one given to her by her famous food-writer daughter, The New York Times own Melissa Clark.    

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Cinco de Mayo! Time to break out the Arrachera al Carbon! (That's Mexican for Beef Fajitas)

Get your party clothes on! It's Cinco de Mayo!
I’ve written at length previously about Cinco de Mayo, the May 5th salute to Mexico that’s more American than it is Mexican.  There it is celebrated in the province of Puebla and almost nowhere else.  So this year, I thought I’d introduce you to the history of one of my favorite make-at-home Mexican dishes, the fajita.  And like Cinco de Mayo, it’s not really Mexican either. It hails from the state that’s created Mexican cuisine all its own. That of course is Texas where Tex-Mex cooking began. In sharing the history of the fajita I leaned heavily on a ten year old article by Virginia B. Wood, who wrote it for the Austin Chronicle.  Thank you Virginia!