Thursday, August 27, 2015

Peach Cherry Slab Pie adapted from Martha Stewart

I must confess that I am more than a little put off by the name of this remarkable pie.  I mean really?  “Slab” as in cold, stone slab or “slab of meat” both of which are less than appetizing and have little or nothing to do with the flaky pastry that surrounds the ripe, rich stone fruits that make up the filling in this crowd-pleasing dessert.  And unlike a traditional 9 inch pie, this one does feed a crowd. This recipe will give you 16 servings of pie when cut into squares that are particularly appealing topped with iced or whipped cream.  Darned if I could find the origins of this particular pie incarnation, although our friends at Food 52 tell us Martha Stewart has made so many variations of the pie that she ‘might have originated the whole genre’.  
I somehow doubt that because in researching slab pies, the writer of a blog named “Dueling Margaritas” wrote that her grandfather, a baker and father of 11, made slab pies in the 1940s long before Martha was old enough to hold a rolling pin. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An authenthic Gazpacho recipe from David Rosengarten

         Whatever happened to David Rosengarten?  You may remember the marvelously low-key television chef who preceded the food network rampage that made stars out of everyone from Bobby Flay to Giada di Laurentis.  David’s show “Taste” was a wonderful learning experience as David deep-dived into his subject matter with such thoroughness and thoughtfulness that you came away feeling you had some expertise in whatever food David was extolling on that particular day.