Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chicken and Mushrooms

         This dish combines two of my favorite ingredients: moist, tender, crispy Chicken thighs and any kind of mushroom you like. If only I had been anywhere near The East End Mushroom Company (www.theeastendmushroomcompany) I would have chosen more exotic mushrooms from their selection of Shiitakes, Miatakes and Oysters.  I worked on this recipe in hopes of showcasing it at The East End Mushroom Company’s First Annual Mushroom Cooking Contest. The contest was scheduled a couple of Saturdays ago. Unfortunately, to say the weather did not cooperate would be an understatement.  High Winds and driving rain were the order of the day. Wisely, John Quigley and Jane Maguire postponed the event.  Now it will be held the 24th of the Month.  Should you want to enter and/or attend the Event, just click on their link above and read all about it.  I am sorry to say that I will be in Europe when it happens.  But as a consolation prize,  the best I can do is share the recipe I worked on for the Contest. I am really proud of the dish.  And I can’t help but wonder how much even more delicious it would be with The East End Mushroom Company’s spectacular produce. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

A salute to Anna Pump and her recipe for Grilled Fresh Tuna Steaks with Lemon Sauce

        Something unspeakable happened last week in Bridgehampton.  An extraordinary woman was taken from us as she crossed Main Street in a crosswalk.  A driver, whose license had been suspended, hurtled through town in the dark and struck a local hero. An immensely talented woman who will be remembered for  her gifts of friendship and kindness going back over forty years.  It was no wonder that yesterday over 500 people filed through her house to pay their respects to our own Anna Pump.  As rich as the culinary talent is in the Hamptons, Anna Pump was at the top of the list.  Her influence on local cooking and eating reaches back to her arrival here in the late 1970s.  Born in the town of Tarp, Germany, Anna and her late husband, Detlef, came to the United States with their two children in the 1960s. The family first settled in New Jersey where Detlef had a brother.  Offered a house in Southampton for two weeks one summer, the two fell instantly in love with the area, which reminded them of Tarp.  Even the potato fields felt familiar.  Tucked up next to the Danish border, the town has the Baltic on one side, the North Sea on the other.  The couples’ two children, son Harm and daughter Sybille were off to college so their parents went home to New Jersey and came right back out looking for a house.  The one they found and lovingly saved from ruin is the same house Anna lives in to this day.