Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maple Syrup Pie a la Quebecoise

In Spring, Quebec taps its sugar maples.
As a lot of my readers know, I am from the province of Quebec in Canada.  Even though I have lived my entire adult life in the States, I still revere my Canadian roots and I am very proud of my home country and all that it stands for.  My hometown, Montreal, is one of the world’s great places to eat.  But today’s recipe is for an item you likely won’t find in too many restaurants.  Where you will find it is on the tables of Quebecois homes because if there’s one item that is universally loved in Quebec, it is our Maple Syrup. And from that maple syrup comes a pie that is as much a part of winter in Quebec as snow. Its crust is the simplest possible: just four ingredients –flour, butter, salt and water.  Once it’s in place in the pie dish, the filling of pure maple syrup, beaten eggs and butter, cream, and a little flour and salt is poured over the crust.  It perfumes the house and once out of the oven, the one to two hour wait for the pie to cool is sheer torture.   Finally, you are rewarded with this decadent winter treat that is best appreciated with a large scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream to blunt the intense sweetness of the pie.  Not everyone thinks it needs this addition; our friend Jim took one bite and pronounced the pie as good as eating pancakes and maple syrup. But I’d go for the Ice Cream.

Monday, February 22, 2016

My review of Viking Star and her Food has just appeared on The Daily Meal. Enjoy!