Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Daily Meal just published Day 4 of Viking Sea's Maiden Voyage and here it is! Plus an authentic recipe for the National Dish of both Portugal and Brazil!

Chef Anthony Mauboussin in action aboard the Viking Sea.

By Land and by Sea: Viking’s New ‘Kitchen Table’ Culinary Arts Program

Staff Writer
We set the scene for Viking Cruise’s new ‘Kitchen Table’ chef experience

Since last year’s launch of its first ocean cruise liner, “Viking Star,” Viking Cruise Line has stunned passengers and cruise critics alike with its gleaming ship and emphasis on learning and discovery through travel. In its first year, itineraries included ports from Istanbul to Stockholm. Aboard the 930-passenger ship, Viking’s Chairman Torstein Hagen broke all the rules: The Norwegian Spa is open to everyone, every cabin has a balcony, at every port there’s an included shore excursion, there are no children under 18 allowed, and not one extra penny is involved with eating at any of the ship’s specialty restaurants, where complimentary wine and beer accompany every course.
         And how is the food? Simply spectacular. It is a mix of specialties from each country visited, and an array of classics so that the overwhelmingly American passenger list feels right at home.  But for those passengers with a taste for culinary adventure and learning, Viking Cruises has a program that tops anything we’ve ever seen at sea.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Day Three of the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea....we finally cast off!

Our first glimpse of Viking Sea docked in Lisbon

 But first, about last night…it was our second and final night in Lisbon and my good friend Bruce highly recommended Cervejaria Ramiro (1 Avenida Almirante Reis, Lisbon, Tel: +351 218 851 024) Since Bruce seems to have taken in the entire Iberian peninsula on his trip last year, I was not about to quarrel when he raved about this place.  Turns out it is so well-known our cab driver said there
was no need to tell him the address as every cabbie in Lisbon knows it.  When we got to the restaurant there was a long line of people outside. Fortunately, Bruce had warned us of this daily occurrence and told us not to worry.  In a few minutes we were inside the densely tabled space.  And a few minutes after that we were ushered to our table on the second floor. Ramiro, as it is commonly called, is the home of the best Garlic shrimp I have ever tasted anywhere.  But we didn’t stop at the shrimp.  We dipped Portuguese rolls into the garlic butter wishing there was more.  We ate langoustes until we were stuffed.  And I think you can see why.