Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day Six: Ten Great Things to do on a Sea Day aboard a Viking Ocean cruise

Rise and Shine! It's At Sea Day on Viking Sea's Maiden Voyage
Viking at Sea
         On Viking Star there was only one.  On the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea, there would be three of them but for us, just one.  Sea Days. These port-less hours are prized by cruisers for their happy exploration of whatever ship they’re sailing on.  And they are especially prized on Viking. If there is one thing that’s missing on Viking’s port-intensive itineraries, it’s an abundance of time to enjoy every wonderful amenity on this amenity-loaded ship. I confess to afternoons spent aboard ship simply for that purpose.  But if you adhere to Viking’s port calls, here are ten things not to be missed on your Sea Day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Daily Meal has just published my story: Are these the best alternative restaurants afloat? Plus a recipe for a Pistachio Torta from Viking Ocean Cruises.

Are these the best alternative restaurants afloat? We went aboard Viking Star and Sea to find out
Jun 1, 2016 | 3:59 pm
Staff Writer

Manfredi's was magnificent, but was it our favorite on the ship?  Photo Credit: Viking Ocean Cruises
Every cruise ship has one of these, if not two or three. They go by various names depending on what cruise line you’re sailing. But what they have in common is an elevated “gourmet” experience that lures passengers from their assigned seat in the dining room to an extra-charge restaurant where, for $30 and up, they can dine in a more refined setting with higher quality food. Only on the most expensive cruises does the food come free in these alternative venues. Even premium lines like Celebrity and Holland America charge their paying guests a premium. Not so on the recently launched Viking Ocean Cruise Ships, Viking Star and Viking Sea.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day Five: The Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea Maiden Call at La Coruña, España

Las Galleries La Coruna line the Avenue Marina.   The one building without a Galleria is called the "Missing Tooth"
        Some places are total surprises.  I would have to say that the entire country of Portugal was one.  But second to that was the arrival this morning at La Coruña in Galicia in the Northwest corner of Spain.   The surprise here was the size and modernity of this beautiful city. We awoke to one of its signature sites.  The Galleries La Coruna are balconies closed with carpentry of wood painted white and with a large area of glass that function as a kind of enclosed balcony.  Our stateroom’s balcony overlooked the most famous of these on the Avenue Marina. The galleries are actually the rear facades of houses. The purpose was to allow the sunlight to enter inside the houses.  The houses themselves faced away from the port largely to avoid the smell of fish which arose from the port.   Now, of course, their views over the yacht basin are highly prized. Surrounded by water, La Coruna is a prosperous place.  This may be the achievement of one man.  If the name Amancio Ortega doesn’t ring a bell, the 80 year old will likely be delighted that you don’t.