Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cream Scones with Clotted Cream from "Hand Made Baking" by Kamran Siddiqi

Ah the scone!  Properly made, they’re a thing of great joy at tea time or coffee hour.   But the greater likelihood is that the scone most people encounter comes off as heavy as a hockey puck and just about as appetizing. No matter how much clotted cream is laid on top, an awful lot of scones are dry and tasteless. That had been Andrew’s experience until we encountered the perfect scone. We were aboard Viking Sea where the old adage about salt air making one ravenously hungry was proven true.  Completely out of character, we decided to participate in afternoon tea.  Not that Andrew actually drank tea—he chose a cup of coffee instead. But there we were presented with a triple-decker tray piled with cookies, finger sandwiches, macarons and topping it off, buttery, moist and tender scones. Ever since we got home, Andrew has been making variations on the scone to great success and accolades from every single scone doubter.  His scones are a masterpiece and the source of his recipe is just as fascinating.