Thursday, January 19, 2017

"A Vegetarian Sandwich that's impossible to dislike"

That is precisely what Bon Appetit called this submarine sandwich. Or more properly, it’s what Assistant Food Editor Amelia Rampe called her invention. That was likely preferable to her later reference when she called it a “Broccoli Sandwich”.  That was, unfortunately, what I called the thing when I told Andrew what I was making one for Sunday lunch.  He was less than excited but vowed to keep an open mind.  You can guess the rest.  He really liked it in all its cheesy, roasted broccoli goodness.  The accompanying peppadew peppers, hot and sweet, add another layer of surprise.  And since we like things spicy around our house, I used a simple Chipotle Pepper-spiked Mayonnaise for even more taste.  The result truly was a Vegetarian Sandwich we loved.  Is it a hoagie? A Wedge? A Hero? Or a Grinder? And what, you may ask, is the difference?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fit for a Palace: Green Goddess Dressing

How’s this for a request:  A reader who lives in North Dakota enjoyed our post about Thousand Island Dressing and its origins on the US/Canadian border (See  Anonymously, said reader commented that a restaurant in Mandan, North Dakota had closed, forever locking the secret to their ‘absolutely divine’ version of Green Goddess dressing behind their closed doors. The Captain’s Table version, “W” wrote, was a mayonnaise and sour cream-based concoction. The comment finished “If you could find the original Green Goddess recipe I’d be one happy partially frozen No-Daker." This is the kind of challenge I love to take on.  Although I had to ask myself if, in addition to the lack of Green Goddess Dressing, there was also no Google in North Dakota.  Nevertheless, I learned a lot about Green Goddess’ origins and like so many food stories this one is fascinating.