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The Daily Meal has just published my latest Viking Ocean Cruises article! And here it is!

The Daily Meal has just published my latest Viking Ocean Cruises article! And here it is!

On Viking Ocean Cruises, Mamsen’s Deli Serves Mum’s Recipes on Mum’s China Dec 9, 2016 | 4:49 pm By Monte Mathews Staff Writer For Viking CEO Torstein Hagen, perfection is in the details Torstein Hagen, chairman and CEO of Viking River Cruises, with 61 vessels […]

Day Seven of the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea…Cherbourg and Normandy

Port Recine in Cap de La Hague, Normandy For all the time we have spent in France, inexplicably we have never been to the northwest corner of the country and their provinces of Brittany and Normandy. While we didn’t get to Brittany, Cherbourg, was our […]

The Daily Meal has just published my story: Are these the best alternative restaurants afloat? Plus a recipe for a Pistachio Torta from Viking Ocean Cruises.

Are these the best alternative restaurants afloat? We went aboard Viking Star and Sea to find out Jun 1, 2016 | 3:59 pm By Monte Mathews Staff Writer Manfredi’s was magnificent, but was it our favorite on the ship?  Photo Credit: Viking Ocean Cruises Every […]

The Daily Meal just published Day 4 of Viking Sea’s Maiden Voyage and here it is! Plus an authentic recipe for the National Dish of both Portugal and Brazil!

Chef Anthony Mauboussin in action aboard the Viking Sea. By Land and by Sea: Viking’s New ‘Kitchen Table’ Culinary Arts Program By Monte Mathews Staff Writer We set the scene for Viking Cruise’s new ‘Kitchen Table’ chef experience Since last year’s launch of its first […]

Day Three of the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea….we finally cast off!

Our first glimpse of Viking Sea docked in Lisbon            But first, about last night…it was our second and final night in Lisbon and my good friend Bruce highly recommended Cervejaria Ramiro (1 Avenida Almirante Reis, Lisbon, Tel: +351 218 851 024) Since Bruce seems […]

Day Two. The Maiden Voyage continues….and we’re not even at sea yet!

Sintra’s Palaces, Lisbon by Beetle and us. The Rossio Restaurant atop Altis Avenida          Day Two dawned with a blue sky and Spring temperatures.  Breakfast at the Altis Avenida takes place in a stylish roost on the 7th floor of the hotel.   Considering that it’s […]

Day One: The Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea begins…

         I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Maiden Voyage of Viking Sea, sister ship to Viking Star, Viking Cruises ocean-going liners that have set a new standard in affordable luxury since their inception last year.   I was even more delighted when […]

My review of Viking Star and her Food has just appeared on The Daily Meal. Enjoy!

Viking River Cruises Take to the Oceans   It’s hard to tell which is larger: the ship, the amount of dining options, or the value. Last May, I took Viking Tor from Budapest to Nurnberg For the past five years, Viking River Cruises has consistently […]

Day Thirteen of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: You say Croatia, I say Hrvatska

         Of the six countries on Viking Star’s Mediterranean Odyssey, the only one I had never visited was Croatia, better known to its inhabitants as Hrvatska.   We made two stops there along the stretch of the country that makes up the Dalmatian Coast.  This where the […]

Day Ten of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: See Naples and Make Pizza.

        We sailed into Naples, mid-morning.  There is a famous quote about Naples…”Vide Napoli e Mori” which translates to “See Naples and Die”.  The phrase is not attributed to any author and is meant to suggest that once you’ve beheld the beauties […]

Day Nine of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Roma. A Sentimental Journey

Some things in Rome are eternal.  Like St. Peter’s and Vatican City         Others. like Campo de’Fiori are not so. For years, I’ve actively avoided going anywhere near Rome.  Despite travel to Italy over the years, I wanted to lock Rome in my […]

Day Eight on My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Florence, David and the Selfie Stick

David, 500 year old hunk          Initially, I’d signed up for a tour that took its participants into the countryside where we’d tour a winery and make ‘afternoon snacks’ called ‘marende’.  Now I lived in Italy and have gone there several times afterwards and I […]

Day Seven of My Great Viking Adventure Part 2: Putting the Monte in Monte Carlo

The smallest yachts in Monte Carlo.  The larger ones would fill the frame.          There’s something magical about just saying “I’m spending the day in Monte Carlo”.  This postage stamp Principality, which is actually the size of Central Park, simply reeks of money. Towering apartments shoot […]