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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A visit to In-N-Out Burger with our favorite food critic.

        Beats me why anybody would go to California and not head straight to the first In-N-Out Burger you can find.  My son tells me it’s really a cult – and he’s not just talking about the food.  In-N-Out Burger has the distinction of paying its personnel significantly more than minimum wage.  They’ve also been known to publish Bible verses on their wrappers and bags.  (No sign of them on our visit, however) There's even a 'secret' menu of things not on the list but it's pretty easy to find online at  In-n-Out is not a franchise but instead owns all its own stores – somewhere near 240 of them, all in the West.  So we headed over to the nearest one which, coincidently, is pretty close to Irvine, where the family-owned company is headquartered. 

Monday, November 30, 2009

Reviews of Mastro’s Ocean Club, Zimzala, a recipe for Fish Tacos from Wahoo’s and a lemon all in Orange County, CA.

I had a terrific time in Orange County visiting my children. The weather was spectacular, the ocean beautiful and we had some very good food. And talk about photo ops.  I took over 600 pictures and my daughter-in-law Kym just sent me another 500 so for family pictures, look here.  But into each life, a little rain must fall, so let’s deal with the lemon first.