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Friday, January 18, 2013

Where to Go in New York's Chinatown for Roast Duck to Go

         A few months ago, my friend Peter told me about Optical 88, an optical shop in the heart of Chinatown, at 116 Mott Street (Tel: 212-343-1947).  I am all for money saving and he raved about the service and the prices.  I looked on Yelp. There was not one bad word said about the place.  In fact, everyone was wildly enthusiastic. Everyone except Andrew.  He was slightly leery of a walk-in eye exam and the promise of a finished prescription in an hour.  But since I’d worked in Eye Care in my Ad career, I knew that whoever does eye exams has passed their own exams in order to be licensed.  So off we went, I got examined and in one hour I walked out of the store with a new pair of eyeglasses. They cost all of $130.00.  So when I ran out of contact lenses, I ran right back to Optical 88.  I got more than my contacts.  I got instructions on where to go to buy the best Roast Duck in Chinatown.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Duck a l’Orange adapted from Jacques Pepin’s recipe in Food and Wine

         Duck a l’Orange lives in our memory as one of our first introductions to restaurant food.  In Montreal, where we lived, it was fairly ubiquitous on the city’s better menus.  We loved it for its sweetness and its crunch.  For the dark duck meat and the crispy skin. For the orange sauce with its taste of Grand Marnier.  We remember feeling sophisticated just ordering it…although we likely didn’t know what the word sophisticated meant at the time.  At any rate, when this month’s Food and Wine arrived, an article written by Rux Martin, the editor of the soon-to-be-published “Essential Pepin” Jacques Pepin’s soon-to-be-released cooking anthology, intrigued us.