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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spicy Pork Stew or What do I do with all that leftover Pernil?

I am sure that by now, faithful readers must believe that the tale of two hams has run its course.  If need be, you can quickly read what happened to my two friends who mistakenly ordered fresh hams rather than smoked for their Monte’s Ham. (Click here for all the gory details

Well, what I had left was a sizeable piece of Ingrid Hoffman’s delicious Cuban Pernil, which of course I had to cook in order to post. I also had, in abundance, the great-tasting Pigeon Peas and Rice I made as a side.  I could hardly get enough of that dish and it re-heats easily and well. But in my experience, roasted pork doesn’t.   So out of a nice solid piece of well-seasoned meat, I made stew.  It’s an absolute winner and an ideal cold weather dish. And you can make it even if you don't have any Pernil lying about.  It works as beautifully with fresh pork as it does with cooked.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Two hams gone wrong…and two recipes that could have saved them…Cuban Pernil and Pigeon Peas and RIce

Ingrid Hoffman's Recipe for Cuban Pernil uses a Fresh Ham as its start off point.

Much to my absolute horror, my dear friend, Ann Legette in Greensboro, NC, sent me the following email yesterday…
“Hello Darling,
It was so fun to have a funny story to share at Christmas lunch with the extended Legette family – about cooking my first ham, “Monte’s Ham.” I have a feeling all I will need to share with you is my dear friend and next door neighbor’s comment (who slipped in the kitchen door as I was carving the ham) and you will know exactly where I went wrong…
“Honey, that’s not a ham, that’s a turkey!”