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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daniel Boulud's Corn and Heirloom Tomato Tart

The Decor of Maison Boulud gets high marks too!

       Daniel Boulud is no stranger to these pages.  His recipes are as reliable as his restaurants, the latest of which just opened in Montreal’s newly renovated Ritz Carlton Hotel ( 1228 Sherbrooke St. Ouest, Montreal QC H3g 1H6 Tel: 514-842-4212 ) The place only opened at the end of May and there are currently 166 reviews of it on Open Table alone!  Almost all of them assign “Maison Boulud” 5 stars.  Since my parents spent years and years going to that same Ritz at every opportunity, I have great affection for the hotel.  It came as no real surprise that Chef Boulud has made magic there.  I just wish I could whip up and sample what is taking the town by storm.  However, I will have to content myself with his recipe made with food from closer to home.  In fact, the two mainstays of this dish came straight from the farm that’s right over the hill from our house.  And what a dish it is!  The burst of tomato flavor, the sweetness of the corn and the fluffiest of pastry crusts are a wonderful salute to the end of summer.  We’d give this one 5 stars and name the recipe one of our best finds this summer.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chop Chop Salad with Gingered Shrimp and with thanks to Daniel Boulud

Who doesn’t love Daniel Boulud?  His restaurants are on everyone’s New York Top 10 list from Daniel to his latest DBGB on the Bowery, of all places.    I have particular soft spot for his Bar Boulud, across from Lincoln Center and very close to home.  It was there that my daughter-in-law told us that I was going to be a grandfather for the first time.  And the food is pretty good as well!   I’m told Daniel is a very fine fellow and wonderful to work with. I follow him religiously in Elle Décor
magazine where he is the lead food writer.   I’m never disappointed in what he publishes there.   This salad is a wonderful example.  It’s an homage to DBGB’s close proximity to Chinatown, with a wonderful Asian influenced dressing and an Asian marinade for the shrimp. And with the 4th of July upon us, this will be a fantastic addition to the holiday weekend.