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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meaty Mushroom Lasagna adapted from Giada di Laurentiis

         There are few dishes that are better to have on hand than lasagna. Over the years, we’ve all suffered through terrible versions of lasagna--people making the stuff with cottage cheese or ricotta, throwing in chunks of sausage instead of a proper meat sauce, jarred marinara called into use in lieu of homemade--let’s face it, lasagna is often terrible, especially the versions made directly from a box of lasagna noodles.  
          But if you go to the trouble of making a simple béchamel sauce with cheese, making a filling of meat sauce or vegetables  you are on your way to real lasagna. Made up in advance, its flavors meld into each other with the passage of a couple of days.  Kept sealed until plastic wrap topped with a layer of aluminum foil, this lasagna spent a whole week in the fridge before being baked on a night when we had a lot going on.  Nothing could have been easier than firing up the oven, baking the lasagna for 40 minutes, tossing a green salad then sitting down to dinner. 
          Today's version is a wonderfully rich pasta with layers of creamy béchamel, peppery mushrooms, smoky cheese and tiny pieces of prosciutto.  It’s so rich, you may want to practice some portion control when you serve it.  If you have leftovers, reheated in the oven, they too keep for a very long time and can easily make a quick meal anytime you need one.  Now I’ve made classic lasagna for years sharing it with you in its most classic of recipes:  We’ve also gone totally vegetarian with one version: But this lasagna straddles the line with its emphasis on meaty mushrooms and the secondary role the prosciutto takes.  What really comes to the fore is the use of smoked Mozzarella. It changes the character of the whole dish. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orecchiette with Spicy Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

      The old expression ‘while the cats away’ certainly applies to this particular dish.  Andrew was off in Texas visiting his family and I was here in New York playing away in the kitchen.  Now Andrew is not a picky eater but there are certain things that just don’t fly on his palate.  To name a few: Olives, Goat Cheese and Broccoli Rabe.  On the other hand, I am the consummate omnivore and there’s very little that I won’t eat.  But in the interests of domestic harmony, I avoid recipes with any ingredient Andrew doesn’t like.  I eat these favorites when we go out.  And I’m fortunate that we eat out often enough that I never feel deprived.  However, his absence lets me cook whatever comes to mind and, in this case, gives me a perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite dishes.