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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Diver Scallops with Monte's Ham Original Glaze and a Special Holiday Offer to You.

As you know, I own a ham company that makes an all-natural ham that I am extremely proud of.  And along with the ham comes the glaze that I created years ago when I baked my first ham.  Monte’s Ham Original Glaze is a luscious mixture of real Dijon Mustard, Organic Brown Sugar and Seville Orange Marmalade along with a top-secret spice blend.  For all of those who, no matter what the reason, cannot, will not or do not eat Ham, I’d highly recommend the glaze. And if you stick with me, there’s a special offer at the end of this post that I hope will tempt you to try it.  The glaze is terrific on carrots, great on salmon or ribs and a must-have with my ham.  It also turned out to be a terrific pairing with some large Diver Scallops I saw in the market. And it took so little time to prepare, it qualifies as an ideal under 30 minute weeknight meal. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

By Special Request: Monte’s Ham and Cheese Strata

        Recently, I was in charge of a Church breakfast.  I chose to make this wonderful dish: a gloriously cheese-topped casserole with crisp oversized croutons over a creamy egg and tender ham filling. Well the result was spectacular and the requests for the recipe were many.  I know why.  It's always a great time to make this dish. First of all, it can be expanded to feed any number of people.  You simply double or triple the portions and then haul out your Pyrex 9 x 13 instead of the souffle dish pictured here.  The other great advantage is that you make this up the day before.  So off I went to the Church kitchen late Saturday afternoon and put the whole thing together.  The next morning, all that was required was to pop it in the oven and in a little over an hour you have something very special for your breakfast or brunch table.  It’s very easy to put together. By the way, its' also a very good time to start to think of all the ways you can use Monte's Ham this season: We've got hams in stock and I'd love to put your name on one of them.  Just click the link about this post and order one today.  I like to serve this with a simply dressed green salad.  Here is the recipe:

Monday, September 30, 2013

Remembering Margaret Mathews with a bowl of Split Pea Soup and a smile.

        I just left Montreal, where I was born and where my family had roots going back three generations before we all left at the height of the Separatist movement.  This 'revolution' scared the bejesus out of the Anglos in the province and my family were hardly alone in abandoning the province of Quebec.  Montreal is a completely different place now and a wonderful one. My visit, I have to say, was tinged with a kind of regret; the city is such a model of multi-culturalism and stands in such stark contrast to the lunatic fringe that's operating in today's USA. But today is a cause for celebration and I am reprising a post I wrote a couple of years ago.  It celebrates an event that I hope you will celebrate with a Martini later today.  And if there are Martinis in heaven, glasses are being lifted there too. 
      My mother, Margaret Somerville Stewart Mathews was born on this day in 1911.  That would make this her 102nd birthday.  She would have loved to have been here for it, especially if there were any kind of party involved. She was a true extrovert.  She loved to laugh, dress beautifully, enjoy a cocktail or three, travel far and wide, keep up with a circle of friends that literally dated from first grade at the Trafalgar School for Girls.  She was full of fun, told wonderful stories, volunteered for every possible charitable, civic and club activity, took what life gave her and had an uncanny ability to believe that whatever she had was the best. She loved life and would have gone on living indefinitely had cancer not taken her from us at 88 years of age.  About the only thing she truly did not like about life was cooking.
My nephew, Michael, Mom and my son, Alex at her 85th Birthday
        Now this is not to say she didn’t enjoy eating.  She and my father had epicurean appetites and spent a great deal of time at better restaurants everywhere.  Since we lived in Montreal growing up, there were plenty of opportunities to indulge their mutual passion for fine food and endless martinis.  But for Mother, somehow the joys of the table never translated into the Joy of Cooking.  So you can imagine her delight when frozen food was introduced and much of her kitchen labor was reduced to slipping boiling bags into hot water or firing up the oven and feeding us all TV dinners at every opportunity. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Savory Ham and Cheese Bread

          We’ve had the most wonderful Christmas and now we are virtually housebound, there having been a significant snowfall on the East End of Long Island the day after Christmas.  The snow has stopped but the wind is blowing and the eight or so inches of the white stuff are making driving treacherous.   At some point, someone will have to explain to me why a car made in Bavaria is so useless in the snow.  It’s just not in its genes.   So we are making do with the contents of our larder and our freezer and since we are Costco shoppers par excellence, we would likely not starve until after Memorial Day.  And Lord knows, above all, we’ve got ham.  This recipe is my gift to the 123 people who have received  Monte's HamTM this holiday season and for those of you whose ham is still to come, even the leftovers are really something to look forward to.  And special thanks to all our customers who've written us such incredible testimonials to the goodness of our ham.  We really appreciated every message we've received. 
        Amongst our Christmas gifts are a whole new library of cookbooks. Few things are more rewarding to me than reading these books cover to cover.   Then I go back and cook whatever truly appealed to me.  In the case of Dorie Greenspan’s “around my french table” (Houghton Mifflin
Harcourt 2010), I never got past page 34 before I headed into the kitchen to make a ‘cake sale’, or savory cake.    According to Dorie, anything baked in a loaf pan is a ‘cake’ in France.  And ‘sale’ means salty (apologies to all, I do not have a accented “e” to correctly spell the word). At any rate this bread is so good and so easy to make that I wanted to share it with you—especially those who have Monte’s HamTM leftovers on hand.  This is a truly an inspired way to use it.