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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Part 2: The 12 Best Burgers in one.

         As I pointed on Monday in "The 12 Best Burgers...Part 1", New York Burgers fall into two distinct camps: The “Classic” Burgers which stick to the same pattern of beef patty, American Cheese, soft bun, ‘special sauce’, lettuce and tomato.  From there we move on to the “Gourmet” Burgers. Some of these are crafted by some of the city’s best Chefs.  April Bloomfield, Marc Murphy and Daniel Boulud are all inventors of phenomenal burgers. To this roster I had to add the newly arrived Umami Burger which hails from California, and a  salute to a burger of unknown provenance but unquestionable character: El Doble, which, in true New York fashion, is made only at lunch and only at a Basque Tapas Bar called El Quinto Pino. We’ll get there eventually, but here are the 7 burgers…plus one, that made my Best Burger list, Part 2.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A visit to April Bloomfield’s Spotted Pig and a recipe for the great British delicacy Bangers and Mash

         The weather on America’s East Coast has been nothing short of bizaare this whole winter.   When I boarded the plane to come home from St. Barth, the temperature there was 81 degrees.  When I arrived in Newark the temperature was 75 degrees.  We could have saved a small fortune by opening the pool early out at the beach and staying put.  Except that this week there have been freezing temperatures to our north.  In any event, I think there’s a short window of opportunity to put some comfort on the table and today’s dish is a perfect example of just that. It's Bangers and Mash, true British comfort food and my is it good!