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Chocolate Caramel Tart

        My daughter-in-law Kym, who is brainy as she is beautiful and the mother of the world’s best baby, had a suggestion.  At Mother’s Day, she wanted Chewing the Fat to feature something that could be made as a gift for Mom.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because our resident baker was not in residence.  But we’ve decided to rectify the situation with this perfect gift for Father’s Day. It’s coming up this Sunday, June 21st and this is a great way to celebrate. 
This recipe came to us in the April 2009 issue of Saveur, a magazine we adore and not just because they’ve published several articles we’ve written.  We find Saveur to be the most erudite food publication out there.  It has yet to fill the incredible void we feel with the loss of Gourmet…a tragedy magnified just this past weekend when we were culling our magazine collection. (I hate to say this, but why did Bon Appetit survive and Gourmet didn’t?  I’m sorry but we’re fast approaching lowest common denominator time and a lot of what’s out there is just same old, same old.)  But I digress…I’ll just go and drown my sorrows in this luscious mixture of chocolate and caramel topped with the tang of Fleur de Sel.  Make it for Father’s Day or another day and it will help you forget too.
        This recipe comes from a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Marlow and Sons.  By all accounts, this is a place where great food comes at you from all sides. And it was featured, as you can see in Saveur’s issue called “12 Restaurants That Matter”. (That’s our tart on the cover).  At Marlow and Sons, you can buy groceries or you can eat in.  I think I’d like to do a little of both.  You can read all about the place in the article from Saveur, which I’ve linked at the bottom of the page.  But I’m going to stop talking about a place I’ve never been and plunge ahead with the recipe. You do need some resting time between recipe steps.  So you might want to start this a day in advanced.    Andrew made some changes to the original recipe and, no surprise to me, his changes were reflected in many of the comments posted with it on the Saveur website.

Here’s the link to Marlow story; https://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/Marlow–Sons

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  • No worries – I'm here for you! I also, will drown my sorrows, and drowning in chocolate is not the worst thing, right? Agree on your comment on Bon Appe… who? (understand?)


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