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Grilled Veal Chops, Tomatoes and Onions with Morel Cream Sauce

Grilled Veal Chops, Tomatoes and Onions with Morel Cream Sauce
        I confess.  I don’t have that primal urge to grill every piece of meat I come across in the summer.  I don’t think every single thing tastes better when it’s emerged from a session with smoke and fire over charcoal.  I sometimes wonder if grilling is the obsession it is because it gets the man of the house to help with the cooking all summer long.  Then again, it does get you out of the house and keeps the heat out of the kitchen.  And my second confession is this: I think part of my problem with grilling is that I haven’t necessarily grilled the right way. 

You can’t just plunk down a slab of meat on a hot fire and expect it to emerge beautifully done.  There is some art and craft here after all.  And this recipe, which is a hybrid of a recipe from Larry Forgione in his signature “An American Place” cookbook (William Morrow 1996) and the techniques I learned from Elizabeth Karmel’s “Taming the Flame”(John Wiley and Sons 2005) was a triumph and a break-through for me.   It’s excellent.  The meat comes out perfectly cooked, with a nice brown coating.  The morel sauce couldn’t be simpler to make using dried morels reconstituted in Madeira and water, a little butter and a very little heavy cream.  Since tomatoes are coming into their own and who has ever met a Vidalia onion they didn’t love, it’s a great dinner for right now.  By the way, this was Costco veal and it was excellent.  Here’s the recipe:

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