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Curry-and-Yogurt-Braised Chicken adapted from Grace Parisi of Food and Wine Magazine

Curry-and-Yogurt-Braised Chicken adapted from Grace Parisi of Food and Wine Magazine
Food and Wine’s
Grace Parisi
         We love a good curry at our house.  It’s warming and satisfying on all levels.  This particular recipe is the product of that master chef at Food and Wine magazine, Grace Parisi.  What Grace has achieved here is a melding of flavors that would lead you to believe that the dish has been happily percolating on the stove for hours.  Actually, the whole thing takes a little over a half hour to make.  What you end up with is a creamy curry rich with the tang of Greek-style yogurt.  And Grace has blended in tomatoes, corn kernels, Serrano chile, ginger and curry powder for a truly flavorful dish.  Surprisingly, even with the addition of the Serrano chile, the curry comes off as mildly spicy with just enough heat to add interest.  I adapted this recipe slightly with some ideas I think are worth sharing.

       Grace’s recipe appeared in an August issue of Food and Wine. Grace no doubt availed herself of summer’s perfectly ripe tomatoes. She also used fresh corn kernels.  Now that we’re deep in fall, the last of the summer tomatoes are a happy memory and freshly-picked corn on the cob is long gone.  Instead, we used some excellent greenhouse grown, vine ripened tomatoes grown, according to the “clam shell” they come in, in Kingston, Ontario.  They’re called “Gourmet Medley” and they’re an assortment of cherry-sized tomatoes in a variety of colors.  They added so much color to the dish!  For the corn, we went straight to the Giant.  The Green Giant niblets were a worthy substitute.  We served this dish with Basmati rice to soak up as much of the delicious sauce as we could.  And for some more color, we steamed some sugar snap peas.  This is an easy evening meal which will satisfy you on many levels.  Here’s the recipe:

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