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Spicy Pork Chops with Green Chiles, Roasted Red Peppers and Onions Adapted from Fine Cooking Magazine

         Usually, I soft-pedal the whole issue of heat in the recipes I share with you.  That’s because I think a lot of people are uneasy about any food that’s described as spicy.  I do get it.  What’s the pleasure in having your mouth feel like it’s on fire?  Or breaking out in a cold sweat after a bite or two?  Usually when I do share a spicier dish, I tell you that cutting back on Cayenne or eliminating the seeds in Jalapenos will yield a kinder, gentler dish.  But today, I am not going to do that.  This version of plain old Pork Chops gets its character from a really great combination of spicy-hot ingredients.  And let’s face it, pork chops can use the help.

Fine Cooking’s Version was too beige for me
         I’ve never met a piece of pork I don’t like so it’s hardly that I am not a fan of the Pork Chop.  But ‘the other white meat’ tends to be very bland and can dry out in a matter of minutes.  Brining can help make a juicier pork chop.  But avoid anything labelled ‘extra juicy’.  These chops have been given additives that turn rubbery fast. Instead, choose all-natural pork chops.  The Frenched Pork chops from Trader Joe’s are what we used here and they were terrific.  This recipe is a quick braise which gives the meat plenty of moist goodness.  It’s very fast cooking too and came right out of Fine Cooking’s “Dinners in 30 minutes”.  I loved the sound of the original dish but I didn’t love the look.  It was all beige all the time.  So I added some roasted red peppers to perk the whole thing up.  Served with some spinach and a smashed potato, it looked a whole lot better than its inspiration. Here’s the recipe:

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