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Thomas Keller’s Chicken Schnitzel

Chef Thomas Keller
           I was somewhat surprised to come across this recipe in Food and Wine magazine. It comes from the renowned Chef Thomas Keller of Bouchon Bakery, Per Se, Ad Hoc and The French Laundry fame.  He of the $375.00 tasting menu seems to have turned his attention to some $2.99 lb. boneless chicken breasts.  That said, what a wonderful dish this is!  It is crispy, crunchy chicken at its best.  The sauce is a perfect counterbalance with its lemon-y capers in butter drizzled over the top.  This takes all of 15 minutes from start to finish.  And let’s face it, it’s basically fried chicken – no matter what Chef Keller calls it — and who doesn’t love Fried Chicken ?

Chef Keller’s Chicken Schnitzel
as pictured in Food and Wine
             The secret here is the panko, the Japanese bread crumbs that beat all others when you want a really crunchy crust.  You can buy them virtually everywhere now.  Whole Foods even has a Whole Wheat version for the sanctimonious among us.  A word of caution:  This dish cooks so quickly, make sure whatever side dish you’ll serve with it is ready to plate once the chicken is done.  Chef Keller served his Chicken Schnitzel with a simple green salad.  I chose Sugar Snap Peas and added some greens.  But the star of the show is unquestionably the Schnitzel.  Try this one, it’s a keeper. Here’s the recipe:

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