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Butternut Squash and Duxelles, a vegetarian main course or a great new side dish to try.

I remember when my Mother got her first Cuisinart in the 70s.  They were about the same price they are now but in ’70s dollars, they weren’t cheap.  But my Mother was notorious for buying any labor-saving device that would get her out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.  So it wasn’t a surprise that she  latched onto the Cuisinart in the first wave of buyers.  I remembered asking her what she could make with it.  “Peanut Butter” she replied, “and Duxelles”.  Why you would spend over $200.00 for something you could get in a jar for .79 cents was a little beyond me.  And I can positively guarantee that no dish involving Duxelles, that paste of finely chopped mushrooms and shallots so dear to classic French cuisine, ever came out of my mother’s kitchen.  But in trying to find some vegetarian dishes to share with you, I came across a wonderful casserole of Butternut Squash, and yes, Duxelles.
This really is a great dish. I came across it in Vegetarian Times but I had to make major adjustments to the recipe. I really had to wonder if there were misprints.  The version below is my own variation and it really is good.   The squash is used rather like a lasagna noodle with layers of Duxelles taking the place of a meat filling and then topped with a cream sauce made with non-fat milk and cheese.  It’s amazingly rich and lets you practice portion control because it is very satisfying.  I also thought this would make a wonderful side dish with a roast of any kind—chicken, pork, beef—but try it first as the centerpiece of a vegetarian meal with a green salad on the side or some haricots verts or even frozen peas.  This one is a keeper.

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