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Strip Steaks with Brandied Porcini Mushroom Sauce

I love to pan sauté steaks.  They get a really good caramelized topping and they’re very easy to cook.  I realize it may be the height of barbecue season, but it’s really oppressively hot outside.  So I bring this recipe to your attention because you can cook it quickly and easily and stay in the Air Conditioning while you do.   And you actually couldn’t really get this recipe right on the grill because you need the pan drippings for the sauce.  So keep cool and eat like a king.

This recipe is a riff on one of Tyler Florence’s “Ultimate” Series.  I love the way Tyler cooks and the flavors he brings out in food.  He’s a very reliable guy to go for a recipe.  The key difference between mine and his is subtle.  Tyler uses white button mushrooms.  We opted for porcini. 
We are fortunate to have a dedicated mushroom grower whose farm is right down the road.  His name is David Falkowski and he runs an operation called Open Minded Organics.  There’s no comparison to David extensive mushroom selection even in our best specialty food stores.  They could not be fresher and his varieties keep growing every year.  Whether you buy them at his stand on Butter Lane in Bridgehampton or get them at one of the several farmer’s markets that make summer here on the East End of Long Island such a treat, David’s mushrooms are one of the great pleasures of cooking here. To read more about David and our Farmer’s Market, click here: https://sagharboronline.com/sagharborexpress/tag/david-falkowski
A word on the steaks we used:  The New York strip is one of my favorite cuts because it has an intense beef flavor and still maintains a chewy quality that reminds you you’re eating beef with every bite.  Now these babies came from Costco so they were nice and wallet-friendly.  But beware of one thing at Costco:  Their beef is mainly USDA Choice.  That’s really a second-tier quality and we’ve suffered some disappointments with it.  However, these are USDA Prime and they’re worth every penny of the extra money you’ll pay for them.
So here’s the recipe:

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