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Chicken Pot Pie


             If the photos accompanying this recipe look familiar, it’s because I used the same pastry technique in my very first posting Jamie Oliver’s Beef and Guinness Pie from Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life” (October 18,2009). But this time, I used it with that avatar of comfort food, the Chicken Pot Pie. 
              First off, let’s talk about the pastry. It’s a highly adaptable method for perfecting store-bought puff pastry, specifically those Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets found in almost every grocery store’s frozen foods section. The trick here is to get a great bottom crust for your pie. And this is done by putting the pie plate on a sheet pan and then putting both sheet pan and pie plate on the bottom of a 375 degree oven for between 30 to 45 minutes. Unlike the sodden results or practically uncooked pastry of the past, you’ll be  pleased to see the entire pie takes on a beautiful browned look. And in the case of this Chicken Pot Pie, instead of the standard single crust, you get this wonderful true “piece of pie” that even holds the filling better. Now, about the filling.
Chicken Pot pie is one of those deeply gratifying ways to use almost any vegetable you have on hand. It’s a very useful way to clean out the vegetable bin or at least have the flexibility to use any vegetable you want. In this case, I used four them, simply because I had two of them on hand and wanted to supplement the carrots, a mainstay in chicken pot pie and the zucchini which is slightly more unusual. I had some baby corn and I had the remains of a package of white button mushrooms. So in they went.
             As to the chicken itself, there are two ways of going here. You can poach four chicken breasts in cream or you can go with a half a rotisserie chicken and save yourself the poaching. The latter is what I did. I’d done chicken sandwiches with a delicious chicken from, of course, Costco and had half a bird left. It was perfect for this purpose.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie”

  • Great looking pot pie! Just a question…how much flour did you use to thicken it? Unless i'm missing something it's not listed in the ingredients.

  • Jenn, I am so sorry! It looks like the butter and the flour both dropped off the face of the earth. Thanks for asking. The answer is 5 tsbp. of butter and 4 tbsp. of flour. That roux should give you a very nice sauce. Monte

  • This looks so yummy, Monte. I want to make this asap. I see you used a glass pie dish. I personally think the glass or ceramic is best for a nice crust. But some people use those aluminum pie pans, what do you think?


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